Talks & Upcoming Schedule

Talks 2016:


Eastern APA: Jan 6-9, Washington DC, "Alain Lockes Critical Racialism" and "Comments on Ladelle McWhorter"

UNISA, Pretoria, South Africa, Jan 18-22: a week long course on Whiteness for the Decolonial Institute

Yale Conference on Ideology Jan. 30-31: Comments on Imani Perry

Book Launch: The Future of Whiteness, Bluestockings Books, Feb. 25

Tucson Book Fair: March 12-14

Philosophy of Education Society, Toronto March 18-21, "Decolonizing Pedagogy"

Celebrating Paget Henry, Brooklyn Commons, April 2

Hamline University "The Politics of Social Identities" April 13-14

Fordham University April 28

Latina Feminist Roundtable May 6

Sydney School in Critical Theory, May 18-28

Language, Culture and Mind Conference, Changsha, June 1-4